Sunset Oolong

One of the most unique new tea that can only be found in eastern Taiwan, we called it "Formosa Sunset".  Sunset Oolong tea has the color of sunset, aroma like a touch of mixed of sugar and fruit, extremely smooth down the throat, and a rich flavor of aftertaste like ripe fruit.  The tea is originated from the eastern part of Taiwan, and it is one of the most distinctive oolong among the oolong family.  

Jin Xuan Milk Oolong

It originates from Taiwan. The taste is light and flowery with a hint of milk.  One of the most popular tea in Taiwan.  Milk oolong from Argien Tea is 100% natural without any artificial flavor, nor any milk added in the making process.

Honey Aroma Black Tea

Honey Scented Black Tea also originated from eastern part of Taiwan.  One of distinctive tea that can only be found in Taiwan.  The specialty of this black is that it has has natural honey aroma and dark caramel color.  Since it taste like lghtly honey flavored, thus taste by its own without milk or sugar is reommended.